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Thread: Password Storer

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    After signing up at so many forums and sites it gets hard remembering all those bloody passwords and I try not to use the same passwords for obvious reasons.

    So what I want is want is a password storer which would store all my passwords and when needed I can simply open the program and type in the site and it'll show me the password, or similar.

    Also, I want the actual program to have a password to activate or open before use so other people can't use my passwords. I know passwords can be stored in windows but thats not secure and I regulary clear cookies and temps etc so it forgets them anyway.

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    I keep mine in a text file.

    Then I zipped the file so I could add a password.

    If the number of entries is large, you can search for site names using "find next" (F3).

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    well, I was looking for something a bit more .... professional?, lol.
    But I suppose that would do for now ... thanks.

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    Hey Shady, I used to use "Account Login". You can store all password and sites there and there is a master password to open it. To open a forum or a site just right click on it(its in the taskbar) and select the site you want to go. Rest it does automatically...filling usernames and passwords etc.

    Hope this helps!
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    All I&#39;ll say is this :-

    Immediately stop listening to anyone who recommends Gator

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    lol, yep common sense helps I suppose.

    Thanks a lot, I take it &#39;account login&#39; is the name of the software and it sounds just what I need, I&#39;ll go looking for it now. Thanks again.

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    or u could maybe create an excel worksheet.

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    While looking for the program mentioned at I came across This, I think it&#39;s amazing and was exactly what I needed.

    Thanks to all.

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    You dont need a program. All you need is a text file and file and folder encryption enabled in xp (ntfs file system). Put your passwords and everything on it and encrypt it. Thats all a simple password storing program does anyway is keeps all your passwords in encrypted format.

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    yeah, thats the obvious option but the program really does make things easier.

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