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Thread: Nero 6.0 Ultra? Wtf Do I Do With These

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    Can I install this without burning it to disc? I prefer to conserve disc for music or movies.

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    well i got the version in bin cue, and the only way 2 install it as ive been reliably informed is 2 burn an image using the cue file, if u need a proper keygen i got 1 by the way

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    u could use a program that creates virtual drives. or isobuster, it extracts all contents fromt he cd to ur harddrive and run it from there

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    Thanks i've tried to use iso buster and daemon tools on it but I keep getting this error in both: the Primary Volume Descriptor is unreadable in isobuster and error in command line for daemon tools. Do i just burn one of these ph6ue files? I'll try that. i know i'mgoing to waste a disc on this though.

    edit: Fuck it i'll just download the 300mb version with the bin.

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    i had this problem before. i deleted my copy, but i think this is how you do it: open it up in winrar, then open the one ending in .001 again with winrar. this second window should have the .bin and .cue files...then you can burn it or do whatever you want with it, but don't burn the phxnue(whatever it's called).

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    just get the cue and bin files a lot easier then the .001 files as it can be corupt


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