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    i have a zip full of source code for an irc client (commercial) and if any java programmers aren't busy i just need them to look at it and tell me what encryption\encoding is being used for the connection to the server.(the code is obfuscated and pretty fucking big). Ive got packets too but yeah its 5am here and im starting to get sick of trying to figure out wtf it is

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    on something.
    Yeah, when I saw this thread I thought "oh, maybe I can help", like.

    But huge blocks of prolly not properly formatted or commented code - arggh. That's the kind of thing I was doing all week when working, like.

    <captain obvious>
    Try running searches in all classes/files with every name for every possible type of encoding as your search string in a text editor, preferably one with syntax highlighting, or something.
    </captain obvious>

    Also don't underestimate the point-and-click power of any development apps you might have installed, there might be opitions to configure a hell of a lot of stuff automatically (formatting, encoding etc), which may or may not work as intended, is most likely bound to make a mess of things, but may help you look at things in a new way.

    Good luck with it, and I hope you find someone more mad about figuring out code than I.

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    Unfortunately after reading through 30 or so classes they have a few ssl reference's and a custom ciphering class.
    so i gave up, on it all haha.


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