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Thread: Help: C&c Generals

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    i just dled the bin\cue files for generals and burnt them with cdrwin. it installed fine but now the game crashes after the splash screen displays. windows sometimes says that a serious error has occured. i have tried increasing my virtual memory but it still crashes - i even upgraded to v1.06 but no difference.

    pls help

    my comp:
    via motherboard - p4 2Ghz
    s3 savage onboard video card
    384mb ram

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    Go to the official site. If you downloaded it, thats not necessarily the problem, those who bought the game get the same error. There maybe a fix or patch now available (there wasn't a few months ago). The game is very picky on your system. I think your video card may be the problem (thats what I have and it won't work for me as well). Check the official site forums and see what others have to say.


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