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Thread: Police Extend OiNK’s Bail Date and Returns Servers, Wiped!

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    "The OiNK servers that were raided in October have been returned to OiNK’s ISP. Strangely enough all the data, and thus the evidence, has been wiped. In addition, the bail date for OiNK admin Alan Ellis, who was arrested during the raid, has today been extended until the 4th of February 2008."

    "The initial bail date was December 21, it is not clear what the reason for the extension is, but it is likely that the police don’t have the strong evidence they would like to have.
    In fact, the police returned the servers last week, not before deleting all the “evidence” that it held. The police made images of the servers, but it is doubtful if destroying OiNK’s property, and the original evidence is even legal.

    The British and the Dutch police both contributed to what they named “Operation Ark Royal”, allegedly acting upon twisted information fed to them by the IFPI and the BPI, two well known anti-piracy organizations."

    Source: Full Article @ TorrentFreak
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