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    Hello there everyone, I'm pretty new on this site...and would like to know if someone can give me a help...I use Bitlord for my downloads, and just recenltly my computer has been infedted with all sorts of virus...we bought a Norton antivirus and now seems like everything is going much better than before...
    But, now everything that I download from torrents sites get deleted even before they are finished...

    I already got a warning from Elbitz, saying that I have to seed, upload my files because in 6 days they will banned my ip...but I did not stop the download...I actualy left my computer on all night long doing the download ...I always have execelent ratio on Demonoid, and other torrent sites,(wich now is down unfortunately)..because I alwyas seed after my donloads...

    Can someone please help fix it this problem...I have no idea why it is doing this., the way Elbitz it is open now....

    Thanks so much for the info, and by the way...please be kind on the info, because I'm still learning this torrent stuf...
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    hey dude ..let me suggest one thing ..DO NOT use a client like BitLord isn't the best for private trackers. They usually ban those clients since they have been reported to have minor bugs and glitches ..i would highly recommend switching to uTorrent or Azureus ..they're both really good and almost all trackers allow them

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    try using a different bittorrent client is the best one


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