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Thread: My FTN request comes straight from the heart!

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    Yes, Iím asking for a FTN invite. This request is coming straight from the heart. I know that some people here donít like all those FTN request, but please give me a chanse. During my time here at FST I have seen quite a lot of ďFTN request threadsĒ. A lot of requests have been denided, but during the last weeks I have seen that some people who have requested FTN actually have been invited, so maybe there are some hope for me. I have written some FTN applicatons in giveaway threads here at FST, but unfortunatly I havenít convinced anyone yet. This is actually my first thread here at FST, and maybe more people will read my request if I write it in an own thread. My main reason for requesting FTN is that Iím looking for a good community. I have joined some trackers that I thought had good communitys, but they were not what I expected. I still havenít found what Iím looking for (click!) I wonít die if Iím not invited. I just want to explain why I want to become a member of FTN. Then itís up to you to decide if I deserve an invite. I donít want to sound as I am begging. My goal with this application is to explain why I want to join FTN and what kind of member I would be. I don't know if I am suitable for FTN, but this text comes straight from my heart and brain, and explains who I am. It's up to you to decide if I would be a good member of FTN. Please read the whole text, even if itís guite long.

    Some information about me:
    I am a soon 18 years old guy, living in Sweden. Iím studying natural sciense. I really enjoy my education and find the subjects very interesting. One of my biggest interests are computers. I love almost everything that has to do with computers. Programming, gaming, building computers etc. Well, Iím not a very experienced programmer, but Iím improving my skills. Currently Iím learning PHP and Iím writing an examine work about it. Maybe Iíll become a good coder one day.

    I love music! Currently Iím mostly listening to metal, but I like almost all music genres. My favourite band is Iron Maiden. Their sound, lyrics, riffs and, well, Iron Maiden has everything! I watched them live in November last year when they visited Sweden and played their last album mixed with some older classic tracks. Iron Maiden is simply fantastic live and I look forward to their next visit in Sweden. 26th July next year theyíll come to Ullevi stadium, Gothenburg, and play songs from the old days. Of course Iíll be there! Here are some nice Iron Maiden videos:

    Different world, Globen, Stockholm 2006: I was there!

    Relevations, Ullevi, Gothenburg 2005:

    Phantom of the opera, Ullevi, Gothenburg 2005:

    Fear of the dark, Rio de Janeiro 2001:

    I'm not only listening to Iron Maiden. I also love Bruce Springsteen. On Monday the 10th December he will visit Stockholm. Unfortunatly I haven't succeeded to get any tickets In July next year he will come back to Sweden and maybe I'll watch him then. Check this clip and enjoy The Boss singing! He is amazing!

    I have used Bittorrent during a quite long time. The first tracker I used was The pirate bay. Sometimes I liked TPB, sometimes I didnít. I used TPB and DC and thought it was the best kind of filesharing until i discovered the private trackers. In December last year I joined Swebits. I was really impressed. Always good speed, no virus and no fake torrents. I have never used a public tracker since I joined Swebits. After that, I have joined more private trackers to satisfy my needs. Now a year after I joined Swebits, my torrentneeds are almost satisfied.


    I am a member of quite a lot of communitys. Some communitys are great. Some are...well, not so great. But what makes a community "good"? Well, there are many important parts in a good community, but the most important part is the members. A community for me is a place where I can share my interests and thoughts with other people and get good response. This requires that the members are willing to discuss, and contribute with their own knowledge to the community. A community should be like a family where all the members can feel that they are respected by the other members. I want to be a member of a community where I can discuss serious subjects, laugh and discuss crazy topics and just have fun, feeling a good fellowship with my forumfriends. I also want to help solving problems and contribute with my knowledge. My goal, at the forums I'm a member of, is to contribute with myself and my knowledge trying to make a good community even better. If a forum and itís members gives me someting, itís my duty to give something back, which I gladly do.

    I think FTN is the community I'm looking for. Itís quite hard to become a member of FTN and only people who deserve invites will get them. It's the correct way. Invite only good people who can contribute with something. The members build the community together. According to what I've read, FTN has built a good community with a lot of good members, so FTN seems like a nice place for me.

    The ratio system:

    In a perfect world it wouldn't be nesecary with any ratio requirements. The perfect people in the perfect world would do everything they could to seed back what they had downloaded. Unfortunatly the world isn't perfect and, according to the public trackers, a lot of people don't seed as much as they leech. That's why private trackers with ratio requirements were created. If people have to seed to be able to leech, they seed. That's quite logic and the "overall ratiosystem" works quite good, but it's not perfect.

    The biggest problem with an "overall ratio system" is called "overseeding". Overseeding makes it hard to keep a good ratio, because people with a fast connection or a seedbox snatches the torrents "first" and then they seed like hell. When the users with a slower connection has downloaded 100% there are no leechers left, and the last snatchers get almost nothing uploaded.

    Overseeding is not only something bad. If there are a lot of seeders, the speed incresses and that's very good. When people are helping each other with seeding I feel a nice fellowship, and that's a good reason for loving bittorrent. Bittorrent is good when people help each other. It becomes "bad" when some idiots don't seed.

    My connection is not the best. I have only 2 Mbit downstreams and 0.5 Mbit upstreams. Sometimes it's quite hard for me to keep a good ratio, even if I always try to seed as much as I can. I prefer privat trackers whith ratio requirements in front of public trackers without seeders. I gladly seed if I get something back, which I get at most private trackers.

    So: The ratioĖrequirement-system is good but not perfect. A perfect world doesn't need any ratiorules, but the world we are living in isn't perfect. We have to let the perfect world come closer to the "real" world. The real world is the world we live in, and we are trying to make the private trackers in the real world better by setting ratio requirements. How shall the real world come closer to the perfect world? Well, I think FTN has done a move in the correct direction. To "delete" the overall ratio but still force the members to seed is a good compromisse. You just have to seed all torrents to an 1:1 ratio or at least 36 hours. That's great beause people with slow connections, like me, can feel that we are good seeders even if there are few leechers. You have to seed to at least a 1:1 ratio or 36 hours, on each torrent. That's minimum for me. I alwas try to seed as much and as long as I can, which I think most FTN members do. Overseeding is not a problem when there are no overall ratio, which is great! I wrote that overseeding can be booth good and bad, but at FTN it's probably almost only something good.

    FTN's ratiosystem takes the seeding in the real world closer to seeding in a perfect world. But why don't other trackers do like FTN? Well, I don't think all trackers are able to do like FTN. To just take away the overall ratio requires some kind of seeding spirit, which I think FTN have. Few trackers have enough good users to make this kind of ratiosystem working.
    Well, I hope you understand what I mean. Iím a quite philosophic guy

    Here is a speedtest which shows that my connection is not the best:

    Community + downloading = true
    FTN is a communitybased tracker.
    Quote Originally Posted by FTN
    This site is a community, not a service.
    I interpret the quote like this: This tracker is a community. FTN is a community where we help each other. The uploaders give torrents to the community and except to recive possitive response. At least a "thanx". The community expect that you do your best effort to provide with your knowledge. If someone help you, he/she wants something back. That's obvious and as a member of the community we expect that you gladly help other people. The community is here for you and you are here for the community. We help each other with seeding. Without seeders nobody can leech. Bittorrent is best when people seed back to the community. We want to be the best and expect that you want to help us to become even better.

    I want to say that communitybased filesharing is the best filesharing. The feeling that I'm a member of a nice community which want to help me makes me help the community. I want to feel that "we are a community" with a commot interest: Filesharing. The FTN community was created to unite some good filesharers, use all good competence and create the best site for filesharing. But I think FTN is more than just filesharing. Itís a community where the users share more than just torrents. Knowledge, interests, humor etc. Thatís great!

    OiNK was closed down some weeks ago. Why? We'll never know, but we know that they had ~180000 members. Probably there were a lot of "anti piracy" members that made their best to help the police with the raid. I know that even the rarest torrentsites aren't completley secure, but a site with few members which is hard to enter feels more secure than a site with more than 100000 members. The raid aganst OiNK is a reason to be a little bit paranoid. I want to feel secure when I download. I think FTN is a quite secure site. It's level 9 and therefore it's harder to join FTN than, for example, Torrent-damage. Probably the FTN members are quite carefull when they invite new users, because the invites are quite hard to obtain. Because of that reason FTN is more secure than a lot of other torrentsites, because only trusted people are invited. That avoides anti piracy organisations and makes the tracker quite secure.

    Some words about spam:
    I have been a member of FST since January 2007. I have only around 70 posts. It's a quite low amount, according to other members. The reason for my low post number is that I never spam. I don't like spam-posts because, in most cases, they don't contribute with anything. I want to contribute with something when I post at forums, and because of that I don't spam. Quality is better than quantity. Useless spam is nothing for me. Most of my posts here at FST are applications in giveaway threads.

    I donít like pay2leech!
    At a lot of trackers you can pay to leech, which means that you get some kind of ďupload creditĒ when you donate money. You can donate some money, get a number of GB:s ďauto uploadedĒ, then just leech without seeding. This is just stupid and I really donít like it. Uploaded GB:s should be obtained by seeding. Even if a lot of people still seed on pay2leech-trackers I donít like the pay2leech principal. Private trackers with ratio requirements were created because people should help each other with seeding. ďSeed2leechĒ is very much better than pay2leech! Filesharing exists because people want to be able to get stuffs that cost money for free.

    Iíve read that FTN never will support pay2leech. Thatís great! I also donít like that you can donate for invites at some trackers. It makes the tracker less secure. Invites shuld be given to people who deserve them! I donít think itís possible to donate for invites at FTN. Great!

    I want to write some words about donations. I gladly donate to a bittorrent tracker if I like the tracker. If a tracker gives me good stuffs for free I gladly donate some money so help the tracker to survive. BUT! I want to know where the donated money goes. Iíve read that the staff at some trackers are dishonest and ďstealĒ the donations. But luckily Iíve heard that FTN staff are very honest and good people who use the donations to pay the trackerís costs. If I know that my donation goes to a good purpose (server costs etc) I gladly donate.

    I want to join FTN because I think itís a good tracker for me. I really like good communitys. I love discussing and writing as you probably see. A good community requires good members, and I think I can become one of all good members of the FTN community. My goal at all communitys Iím a member of is to contribute with as much as I can. I also want FTN for the ratio system. My quite slow connection would like it. If I was a member of FTN I would be able to download huges ďpacksĒ without killing my ratio. Do you think I deserve to get a FTN invite? Well, I have done my best to explain why I want to join FTN, and now itís up to you to decide if would be a good member. I think I have written everything you want to know about me, but maybe I have forgotten something. Feel free to send me a pm or ask in the thread if you have any questions!

    If someone invite me to FTN I won't trade or giveaway my account! I will be the only one who ever will use it!

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    Honestly...i didn't even take the time to read all of that.
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    I want one too. If somebody would like me to write an essay for them for an invite, let me know.

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    Man that's one loooong request

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    I think you deserve.

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    what a looooooooooooooooooooooooong request

    no one will waste his time to read it

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    lost of information . Dude i m from *Goteborg sweden
    Never Give Up...
    Try _Until_U_Succeed

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    You couldn't pay me to write a long request like that, even if it was for BitMeTV.
    Good luck to you though. You obviously put a lot of effort into this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by napster5 View Post
    what a looooooooooooooooooooooooong request

    no one will waste his time to read it
    Someone that wants to invite a worthy member to FTN might do it.
    What an ordinary day, the extraordinary way.

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