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Thread: Fake Files?

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    i've always dismissed these files as fake...but are those files that open up dos and then exit fake? or do you open them some other way...just wondering 'cause i've seen so many

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    most probulary open up in winrar/winace

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    get winiso and convert it into an iso pretty easy if u need help just pm me and ill let u no

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    What is the extension of those files? Hope they can be opened through WINISO...but sometimes a virus or a trojan is also implanted this way. Dos window opens and disappears, basically opens the trojan. Check with McAfee or Norton...just a thought!
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    i&#39;ll try with the .iso...but they are .exe files...i always thought that they were probably viruses, but norton hasn&#39;t "said" anything

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    Any time you get a file that opens and all you see is a black box open and close, thats the command box. Open up a command prompt and run the file from there and see what kind of output or error message it gives.

    Xp should really fix that problem next time they come out with another o.s..

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    yeah, i tried that already...nothing happened, though (non-recognizable file). and it won&#39;t convert to an .iso, either. i&#39;m guessing they probably just don&#39;t work (or at least some of them).

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    Just change the .exe to a .iso. People make the extension .exe so it shows up in applications during a search. Changing it back will fix it. Then you can use WinRAR to open her up.


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