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Thread: Movie Poster Creation

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    So I want to make some movie posters for my movie and I have my design down.

    Now I need to find out where to go to get them printed. I've looked at but they don't really seem to offer what I'm looking for.

    All I want is the standard glossy poster.

    I'm currently in South Korea so I can't just drive to a Staples or Fedex/Kinkos and ask them personally so where do you guys think I can go to get it done?

    And I mean get it done in the United States (or an online place that I just submit my image in whichever format they want and have it mailed).

    I'm not going to make many maybe 10 or so.
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    I would expect it to be a lot cheaper to do it in South Korea or anywhere else in Asia.
    Why not just some local printing store?

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    Yes, the local stores would be a better idea. Perhaps all you need is to ask some locals for similar stores

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