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Thread: Looking for runners for new group's 0days

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    I'm a ripper for a new group. Suppliers and ripper are taken care of (but more may apply), but we need some members to spead our releases around.

    We don't do high-profile Hollywood-movie scene stuff, we do:

    - cult/sleaze/Asian/B-movies
    - novelty porn (movies and siterips)
    - skate/graffiti/stunt movies
    - documentaries and special interest
    - TV rips

    I don't want access to private 0day trackers myself, but if you can spread our releases, get in touch.

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    It's not a scene group I suppose.

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    Quote Originally Posted by beat View Post
    It's not a scene group I suppose.
    Not a scene group (yet), but a group of suppliers and rippers dedicated to bringing high quality rips of non-Hollywood stuff, FAST.

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    Hehe, trying to get access to the scene through FST big lol

    Anyways. FST ain't the best place to ask for this stuff. Best bet is to wait till TPG comes back online if you want your releases spread on torrent trackers then thats the place where most siteop's idol at.
    Also try idoling in a few of the big name IRC's, im sure your bound to meet a few dedicated people who can help you..

    Anyway i look forward to seeing your group advance forwards and hopefully one day i'll download one of your
    - skate/graffiti/stunt movies

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    Just for the record: I'm a ripper and I don't want access to any private tracker myself, or get big scene group releases or whatever. I just want to see our releases reach places

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    Is it scene group ? Cuz the scene doesn't like their releases to be spread via p2p networks.

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    Its not hard getting releases spread.
    Like 4-5 years ago, perhaps more. It was when 350mb releases had just started getting a grip and you had vcd and svcd releases as well.
    I got hooked on the xvid releases, and no group mad a rip of one "edit, just a random show" episode, so i asked a friend if he could reencode the SD6 release into a 350mb xvid.

    Sure enough he did it, rared it up and added a sample and a NFO explaining that this was a reencode and giving props to the original group. He then sent it to my request folder on a FTP. Then next day that releases was all over the world. I fond it on all my FTP sites, dumps and TB and FL and several public trackers. Someone fxped the release from the ftp to another one, and so it spread. along the way someone edited the nfo removing the info that it was a renecode. Pred it and sent it to the scene.
    Was rather cool though, amassing how fast it travels. And our small irc communety went form 50 users to 500 in one day.

    So if you make stuff that people actually want, you dont need to mind more than just once currier and the release will spread it self from there.
    Just remember to follow the rules and you will see how fast it goes
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    Thanks Cheffy for your input. We're looking for that one courier...

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    Just upload them somewhere. Why make a thread?

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    I'm not the one for the job, but good luck with it. We need more of this type of content on trackers. 0-day gets boring.

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