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Thread: Img Cue

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    can i burn a .img file with a .cue... the reason i ask is i jsut got a game file and im presented with the following statement

    This is a hybrid release combining a clone and a iso. Follow the directions below
    to burn the cd you desire.

    To Burn as a regular CD

    Just burn both CD's as normal and the crack will be copied over automatically.

    To Burn as Clone:

    To make it into a clone do: applyppf trop2a.img flt-trop.ppf to make it a clone,
    then burn trop2a.img. Burn CD2 as normal.

    The files in the "clone cd" are - FLT-TROP.PPF, TROP2A.CCD, TROP2A.CUE, TROP2A.IMG, and TROP2A.SUB

    Now because it includes a cue, and because of the vague and incoherent instructions, im lost...

    pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase help me

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    nm the first half of the question, i jsut realized what to do, although i still dont understand why the guy included a .cue???
    but ne ways, im still not sure what those instructions imply, in the first method, he states, you can just burn it the "normal way" what does he mean the "normal way"

    i assume the "normal way" is with clone cd, but then he provides method two, where he states, this is what you do if you want a cloned cd?

    Im lost in this aspect of the nfo file.

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    the .sub, .ccd, and .img are clone cd image files, i dont know what the others are for. you are familiar with the program clone cd......try it and see if it works for you

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    problem solved i just gave it a whirl on clone cd, everything looks ok as of now.

    oh and incase anyone cares, apparenlty a ppf, is a generic patch file. or atleast that is what i was told.

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    By normal it measn that if you have a cue you can burn a sub and img file with nero, or most other kinds of programs. Not that it makes sense to but you can.


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