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Thread: Can I Have Some Help With Port Forwarding.

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    Ok i am using a router to connect 2 computers using the same internet connection. I use 2 firewalls norton, and sygate. Will someone help me with port forwarding with shareaza. I dont know how to do it.

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    read the manual for your router, or if u say what router people may know how to.
    with my linksys router it is a web interface, and type in the ports the programs use,and then the local pc its on.
    also have a look on shareaza, they may have some details how to do it, i know emule does.

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    Why the hell would you be running software based firewalls when you have a router. Are you sure you dont have "hub" instead of a router. Routers filter traffic, in short their firewalls and hardware based firewalls at that, the best ones.

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    i just haven't taken the firewalls off yet.

    I'm pretty sure it's a router.

    connection point cp-2e

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    anyone know how to port forward with ipaq? I think it's a compaq router.


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