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    So I just got a giganews account not too long ago. I love it. The speeds are MUCH better than torrenting. The only thing is I think I'm still not getting the most out of it. I ran a speed test on their site and it came up MUCH faster than I have been downloading at. Also I noticed that when I first open Grabit and load an NZB it will download at about 2 MBps and usually speed up to 4-5 MBps within the next 10 seconds. Then after about 5-10 seconds it will slow down to about 700kbs. This happens every time. I have tried different ports, I have tried using the IP address instead of the and I have even tried bypassing my router to avoid any type of QOS that I might have missed. Any ideas why I'm not getting my full speeds. Thanks for any advice.

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    How many connections are you using?

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    i've never used Grabit so i don't know what all it's features are, but what it looks like is that you are only downloading one header at a time. There should be an option to increase your connections. i use NewsRover with Giganews and use my full 10 connections, and max out at 4mB/s down.

    Check it out and i bet you anything, you'll be good to go.
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