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Thread: Playstation Pal Games

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    Ok, I've searched. If it's in this forum, I don't know where it is. Can someone please tell me how I can get my burned PAL games to work on my American televison. Thank you so much.

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    Are you using a scart cable to connect to your tv?
    Used to have the same problem but my tv was pal.

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    Ok, now this is going to sound dumb. I just know it. What's a scart cable? I'm connected to my television with a cable that connects to my playstation on one side and on the other side has 3 prongs. One for video and two for audio L and R.

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    ok thats your problem, the three pronged one, red yellow and white, 2 for audio left and right and 1 for video. that is a scart lead but you need a one that hasnt got those 3 connectors on, IE: a one that is an all in one, with the bit that connects to your playsatation and the connection to the tele is actually connected to the lead (you cant take it off the lead)

    the one i use is a grey scart cable and i can play NTSC ps1 and 2 games on my scart (pal) tele in full colour, if i use a different lead then they are either in black and white, or the screen flickers far to much to play them.

    hope this helps


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    we don't use SCART in america.

    i suspect that playing NTSC games on PAL televisions is not nearly as much of a problem as playing PAL games on NTSC screens.

    the answer to your question is most likely that you need to find a program that can patch the games so that they display at the correct refresh rate (60hz, as opposed to europe's 50hz?) on an american tv.

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    what do americans use instead of scart?

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    traditionally, single-prong RCA style composite cable. like one of the cables used to connect stereo components.

    the more recent video standards in america are:
    1) s-video (aka super VHS)
    2) component RCA cable (looks like the composite one, but there are three plugs to divide the colors into separate signals)
    3) DVI (digital video)

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    Like 3Ra1n1ac said, I used a patching program. I was so happy when my game came on in color . However, as the game proceeded, I noticed that the voices weren't there. The music was there, but the voices weren't. I don't know if I lost the voices during the disc image making process I had to do to patch it, or during the patching process. Please help. Also, please tell me the best way to rip playstation games into an image. Thnx.

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    A: what game is it.?

    B. what size is the original cdr or DVD?

    C. is yours a cdr game or burned onto dvd?

    because if its a DVD original game, and they have ripped it to fit onto cdr then they would have ripped all the movies and probably most of the voices as well.


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    ok, It's a Spiderman 2 and it's a psx game, not a ps2, so it's a cd. The size of the game is 599 MB. Thansk for your help.


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