Hi all

I have been looking for an invite for The Box.bz. There's a couple of show on there I am looking that I can find anywhere else. Worzel Gummage, Fraggle Rock and Alan Carr Live.

I don't suppose anyone out there would be willing to offer me an invite?

I love downloading like most people on here., but feel I am a good uploader. I always keep files I downloaded on my computer for a couple of days/ weeks until I've seeded at least the size of the file I've downloaded. I always try to keep my ratio above 1 but occasionally fall just below for a couple of days while i'm seeding the files i've just downloaded... as can be seen on my Torrent Damage Ratio for which I am currently seeding 7 files.

I can show you ratio info from 4 sites to assist you in your decision to offer me my dream invite:

Welcome back, maximusas [logout] Ratio: 1.518 Uploaded:38.14 GB Downloaded:25.12 GB Act: 9 0 Bonus: 123.4

Welcome back, maximusas [logout]
Ratio: 1.347 UL: 2.50 GB DL: 1.86 GB Act: 2 0

Credits: 4.33 GCreds

Torrent Damage
User: maximusas [x] (User)
Ratio:0.841 UL:3.49 GB- DL:4.15 GB
Seeding: 7 - Leeching: 0

Thanks in advance for anyone that is able and willing to help me.