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Thread: Why TL. Why TL is Hot cake , Can ne 1 Give information

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    Why is TL so special?

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    Huge database, great speeds, nice Pre's

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    - easy to seed

    - often maxes out connection (at least for me)

    - content: rated 10/10 here at FST

    - fast pre release

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    Quote Originally Posted by IceTee View Post
    Huge database, great speeds, nice Pre's
    plus it's easy enough to get in and easy to seed back.

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    They have the same content as any 0-day site, but it's a lot easier to seed due a large user base with slow connections. Also, they got rid of RSS feeds, so everyone adds the torrents manually -- that makes it easier to seed too. It's your best option if you don't have a seedbox.

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    This is just like that drug trip I saw in that movie while I was on that drug trip.

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    Unfortunately, they don't bother to try and catch cheaters.

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    we do and we are adding more scripts to help us do this
    tl's prob has always been we can not use the same trackers as other sites do
    due to the size of the data base
    so had are own tracker coded to handle the load
    by doing this it made every cheat script out there useless on tl

    we now have 1 script in and working and another almost finshed
    out coder works very hard to keep the site up and running and keeping the main userbase happy

    as i also said in another thread here we have banned 10000+ ppl in the last 3 weeks for cheating alone and will carry on doing this
    but we will not do this at the cost of making the site unstable

    all i can realy say is hang in there and things will get better

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    lol what does that 1 script do, ban people with 1TB/sec upload rate? I'm impressed!

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    Big fan of TL. I've been on there for about two years, very easy to build a nice buffer there.
    "I predict this motel will be standing until I pay my bill"
    - Warren Zevon

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