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Thread: Best P2p Fileshare

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    ive gone through a lot of the threads reading and absorbing the info.

    what are some good p2p programs that are adware free and spyware free (already use kazaa-lite. i do a lot of mp3 and movie downloads. but im also looking for easy and hard to find software as well


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    For new stuff/ hard to find absolutley direct connect. absolutley. More stuff on there then you could imagine, but you gotta have a couple of big HD's to get into the big stuff.

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    soulseek for mp3 and bittorent for everything

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    bittorent for all your stuff

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    eMule if you want reliable (i.e. uncorrupted) CD Images (e.g. Game ISOs). Warning though - It's slow. Think a day or so for 700MB for a 150kb connection

    BitTorrent for faster downloads - Only problem is due to its popularity increased quickly and BT web sites shutting down, you won't have as much of a choice of files like you would in other P2P

    Soulseek for good-quality, small files e.g. music - Reason is that you only download a file from one source unlike other P2Ps (who d/l from multiple sources at the same time), and if that source goes your file goes down the pan.

    The others I don't know that much about, so I won't make a judgement on them - Make your own choice about them

    But I will give one word of advice: specialisation

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    what about poilet?

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    well at the moment i've got dc++ runnin and soulseek as well! dc++ is good for the speed and soulseek for special electronic music.piolet is no good ; lots of spyware,but there are also heeps of other progs out there as well! B) I don't use kazaa anymore ,there are better progs than that
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