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Thread: Nero 6

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    I have just loaded the new Nero 6 and cannot figure out how to take a movie I have downloaded from Kazaa to my harddrive onto a DVD-R... Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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    i dont think its possible to burn dvds wit nero yet get roxio easy cd/dvd creator 6 that works

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    Thanks. Do you know if it is available to download from the internet for free.

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    mmm try using the search option.

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    huh who sez dvds dun go with nero

    i been usin nero 5.10 fer a while now n ive burnt dvds n dvdrw well

    nero rocks

    roxio IMO sux

    p.s. havent upgraded to nero 6 yet though..

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    My nero supports DVD burning.Oh yeah,I read on Bytemonsoons forum that the DVD copy software in the new Nero is twice as fast as the newest Roxio software,so you may not want to go with roxio.
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    Do you know if it supports DVD to CD burning

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    I am not sure how to get the movie I downloaded onto my harddrive and burn it on the Nero... Any help would be greatly appreciated...When I go into the Nero I am not sure what to click on once I go to the DVD section.

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    O.K. - Quick question (hope I don't get blasted as it's pretty noobieish)

    I'm going to buy a DVD-RW in the next two weeks. Using Nero (I don't care for ROXIO), can I take my 700MB AVI file or 1400MB Mpeg file (two parts joined) and burn them onto a DVD-RW that will play on my component, stand alone player?

    I would love for it to be that simple, but my luck doesn't run that way.

    What else am I missing? I'm kinda steering away from DVD+RW, as I'm under the impression that that format will not work on stand alone component players.

    Thanks to anyone who can help.

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