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Thread: Dutch scene releases

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    I have a question!
    are there dutch trackers with dutch scenereleases like:
    DVD-R with dutch subtitles, Dutch music etc...

    Is there anyone who can help me?


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    The only tracker I know that has some Dutch content is Bitsoup. About 200 out of 1000 DVDR's on that tracker either have "NL" or "Dutch" in their title/description.

    I think the site is generally worth a try, because their 100k user community has always made the tracker very easy to seed at even with slow bandwidths. If someone is willing to donate, Bitsoup has probably the best GB-for-donation deals of all trackers as well. Those may not be very popular reasons in this FST community that is largely ruled by tracker-level-conscious members (and because of that, Bitsoup is hardly ever mentioned here) but they are valid nonetheless.

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    PiSexy has some


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