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Thread: Windows 2000

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    hi i just dloaded windows 2000 pro the 360 mb one rename it to iso and i want to install it but im trying to see did anyone have any problems out of it , is it just the os or does it have any goodies and more important can i update it from windows update thanks for any light you can shed on this subject for me

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    Do you have all the hardware drivers for windows 2000 to run on your system?
    Best to search them out first and have them on a CD ready to install.

    No, there are no goodies, Windows 2000 is a serious operating system.

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    Windows 2000 can easily scare the blue hell out of you. Yes, you can use Windows Update, you have a "valid" version after all. XP is the only one I know of where you need special tools to be able to download service packs.

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    Originally posted by pookie@24 July 2003 - 04:46
    is it just the os or does it have any goodies
    Win2k is intended mainly as a business OS. You're not going to get any "goodies" other than the standard Microsoft games, like Solitaire...

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    how do i know what drivers to download before i install it or do you mean stuff like my cd burner and things like that and if im missing any thing can i just pull it off of my ME disc that came with my computer

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    No you can't. It's all different for win2k. Do an inventory of all your hardware, check the actual chip numbers. Don't just trust some program, then look up those numbers on google and get the latest win2k drivers for them all. If you have realtek network adaptors you may be ok for networking till you get to update but your sound and video are gonna be a mess if they work at all. Any video capture or tuner cards, any peripheral devices at all will need new drivers. If you're on an HP or dell PC, some stuff may not work at all. Find out before you start.

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    i just wanted thank u all for the help and advice you gave me it works great, it was naked just like you said other than outlook express ,but i got plenty of software put up to put on here. oh could you tell me a program that makes sure all my drivers are up to date thanks


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