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Thread: Does Sharing Corrupt Files?

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    Jan 2003
    I've been thinking about something.
    I've been downloading a lot of movies lately, and most of them have errors in them.
    Now I don't know if they were in the original file, or they occured as a result of corruption while downloading.
    But supposing they are a result from d/l, won't everybody that gets the erroneous part from me have the same corruption?
    And if they have some corruption in other parts, won't a file get more and more corrupted the more it is shared?

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    If you have currupted file (either u downloaded currupted one or it heppend during dl) ppl dl same file of you might end up with currupted file. i don't know much abt it but now and then i end up with one of those. best thing to do is to get rid of them rather then sharring it.

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    Well, then I wouldn't be sharing much.
    Like I said, most files I get have some errors in them.
    Most of them are just minor ones, so you can still see the movie.

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    I git so many corrupt and files with virus's in them it is bad at least my checker gets rid of the virus. If you have a bad file get rid of it do not spread it.

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    Sharing at UNLIMITED upload bandwidth in Kazaa (or KL++) increases the odds immensely of packet loss and data corruptions -- which can cause errors in both your uploads AND downloads.

    It's better and faster to lower the upload bandwidth to match the speed of your connection and in fact a little below max for bursts.

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    I find that sometimes when I use AVI Preview to check on a movie download, whenever I watch that movie later on it gets frozen at the point where I used Preview. Annoying as hell.

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    kazaa corrupts files because it doesn't verify the integrity of the segments.

    other programs like emule and bittorrent (and probably IRC and soulseek) reject corrupted file segments and re-download correct ones. so you're much less likely to get a corrupt file from those networks than from kazaa.

    it's just laziness on the part of kazaa's programmers.

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    Yeah, not having any corruption detection is a rather major flaw. As for both of your questions, it's a definite 'yes'. However, if the corruption wasn't in the original file, there is something you can do to to fix it. You can redownload the corrupted parts using KCF. If everyone used it, then there wouldn't be the possibility that a file would get more and more corrupted as it is shared.
    Kazaa Corruption Fixer --> Fix any corrupted CD image, archive, or video file you've downloaded with Kazaa.


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