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Thread: video file to standard DVD player

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    So I downloaded this movie and I want to record it to a DVD for playing on a standard player. Any recommendations for software?
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    You mean you want to convert the file to .VOB?
    well, my recommendation is the software ConvertXtoDVD

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    That depends on the file you have if it's the standard xvid you can use converyxtodvd it's light fast simple and the quallity is ok it also burns full dvdrs i can burn a 4.4 gig file in upto 10 minutes becausse it does not need encodeing but the standard xvid you're looking around one hour nero it's also good but takes a little longer and lots of people use these two so it can't be bad . Theres tons of software around i use these two including daemon tools to mount the full dvdr files.

    Make sure your dvd player supports vcd svcd xvid and all the other crap i have no idea how to look out for this so best if somebody with tech knowledge gives you that advice i just bought a multi region dvd player to play american films over 3 years ago and it plays everything that does not mean it will play the file types i mentioned previously.
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    What the guys above say... If your DVD player doesn't support Xvid/Divx/Avi/Mpeg video formats, then ConvertXToDVD is the easiest and fastest way to convert any video file to DVD.


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