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Thread: Need Buffered SCT Have Lvl 9 Invite

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    Yeps,Got lvl 9 invite,The best one
    Need a big buffered SCT account

    1)By big buffer i don't mean 100 GB,200 GB,The buffer should be 700GB+
    2)No one please ask which account is this and try explain here that it is this or that
    3)Before Spamming the Thread U may leave me a pm cuz those things can be sorted out there
    4)If u have very good reps here and are a old member i will first go for the deal otherwise u may come to my msn and i will show u sumthin that wud make u blv that i am no cheater

    Will is willing to deal so anyone interested pls start spamming my Inbox


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    I believe you should get what you want.
    But the problem is that people hardly trade for those really high levels, they instead post a pathetic begging thread asking for a free invite.
    They write "Iīm da l33t non-trader, invites should be free" all over their sig, thinking begging for invites from random users, or giving a free invite to someone you donīt know are so much better than trading, but it is the same shit, just different names.
    Personally, I both trade and giveaway/take free invites as I donīt care at all, but to see those random newbs sending PMīs to me begging over and over again for invites to the highest trackers, even all of the level 10īs, and thinking they do the right thing just because they arenīt offering me anything, just makes me sick.

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    May be I asked for something Much More,The Max offer i have got is 300 GBs Thatz not done,All right i am ready to trade for SCT+500 Gigs


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