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Thread: How to stop new uploads in Soulseek

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    I'm pretty new to soulseek and haven't quite got the hang of it yet. Is there a way that i can stop new people from joining my upload queue? Because when i need to turn off my comp i want to let the people who are currently in the queue to finish getting their stuff but new people jump in in that time and they must think i'm incredibly rude by leaving when they're still downloading
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    That would be a nice option, but unfortunately it doesn't exist.

    However, assuming you don't have an enormous amount of users in your user's list, the next best thing would be to switch your shared folder(s) status to "Folder is only accessible to people in my user's list"

    That way no new downloaders will initiate any files. To do this, go to:

    Options > File Sharing Configuration:

    In the large box titled "Shared folders", right-click the folder(s) you have shared and set their access levels to "Folder is only accessible to people in my user's list"

    I have a large collection of music, and this same option helps me to filter those who download from me. If I don't have that option selected I have tons of users queuing up large amounts of files, so only those that have downloaded from me are added to my list of eligible downloaders.

    Hope that helps.

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