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Thread: Need BlackCats Plz

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    Looking for blackcats-games plz

    Any1 can help me?

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    I think Its open for sign up

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    but they will open soon

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    they were open just a couple of hrs ago and I think a few guys here made more then 1 acc....anyone that has more then 1 help this mate out

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    they will surely reopen signups soon. even im waiting

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    Quote Originally Posted by stoi View Post
    Due to unforseen problems with the confirmation emails (not sure why its happening) but a lot of users that are signing up, the tracker is just deleting them, so when they reply they get a 404 error because they do not exist.

    Seemingly this happened at halloween, and it caused great headaches for the staff at the time. so im closing up until we get this problem sorted.

    btw, i had "retired" the last time we opened so i was not aware of this.

    Sorry about that, and if you havnt got in this time, dont worry, we will open again as soon as we fix it for 1 day.

    if you have had problems, come into our irc channel and hopefully one of the staff can sort it out.
    So be on the lookout for when they open again, i know i will
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