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Thread: Anyone Got Midnight Club 2?

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    The 2D ISOs and also a rip on Kazaa keeps saying "Connecting" FOREVER even though the bandwitch is like 2000! This doesn't happen with other files whose bandwidth is even smaller (less than 1000).
    So, please, where can I download Midnight Club 2 from really fast?? I love these kind of arcade games (especially that multiplayer Capture The Flag part)!!

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    BTTorrent is what u are looking for...

    start here

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    Thanks guys! I'm downloading it right now (kinda slow->about 20kb/s)...
    I set my max upload limit to 10 KB/S. Do you think this is slowing down my DOWNLOAD speed?

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    don't think so, I limit to 2/6KB upload with a 512KB ADSL connection, but 10KB-20KB for an old torrent is more than acceptable.

    the reward is great, u will understand after a while

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    This is great! It tooks less than a day to download MC2 from Bittorrent! It was like 1.5 GB, and now I have installed it on my computer without any installation error (unlike Kazaa)!
    I also downloaded Red Faction 2 in less than 3 hours!

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    strangely i havent seen a k-lite hash for it... :/... dunt like biotorrent here lol...

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    Ok Supro, now u do understand the reward of using torrent. No probs, the files are clean...


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