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Thread: Shareaza

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    Well if anyone is like me, when you are bored you type in stupid searches for stuff hoping to find something new like funny, or sex. Whatever it may be, then end up downloading the same things over and over again. Well I just noticed this on Sharaza, it tells you when you have alreaddy downloaded something. It shows in green on the search results, meaning that the file is in your library. I just loved that, best "little thing" in a p2p I have ever noticed. Sorry if I am the last one to notice this, just thought it was great.

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    wow i never knew that

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    emule does the same, it highlights it in blue i think, been awhile since i used it though so might be another colour.


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    oh ye i just remebered eMule did that, i think it was green? maybe blue

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    I know, I use Shareaza as my prime P2P client now, K-Lite is just sitting there, being the ugly f*** it is, but is out from

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    anything new in this version?

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    ok i jsut downloaded it and its never connecting??

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    I also use Shareaza, but only for my bittorrent downloads. The program has great potential, but it stills seems a bit sluggish to me.
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    it makes my internet connection slow. i guess because all the uploads.

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    I think kazaa used to tell u that too or i might have been morpheus

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