Ok now the HD-DVD/Blu-Ray movie war is bulking up consumers respective libraries without spending nary a cent for the movies.

Look at this breakdown.....

I bought the Xbox 360 HD-DVD player (I picked the ones in bold)

these were the free offerings:

1. Apollo 13
The Chronicles of Riddick

2. Casablanca
Dukes of Hazzard

3. Four Brothers
Lara Croft: Tomb Raider
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

4. The Rundown
Blazing Saddles
U2: Rattle and Hum

5. U-571
The Perfect Storm
We Were Soldiers

I also got for free (instantly)

King Kong
300 (300 was free twice actually)
The Bourne Identity
The Shining

I bought a PS3

these were the free offerings:

1. The Guardian
Pearl Harbor
Chicken Little

2. Phantom Of The Opera
Blazing Saddles
Corpse Bride

3. Stealth
Resident Evil 2
Underworld Evolution
Stir Of Echoes

4. The Italian Job
Black Rain
Devil's Rejects

5. Kiss of the Dragon
Hart’s War
Omen 666
Transporter 2
The Last Waltz

I bought a Toshiba HD-DVD player

these were the offerings:

1. Aeon Flux
The Italian Job

2. The Hulk
Pitch Black
The Thing

3. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Full Metal Jacket

4. Firewall
The Frighteners
U2: Rattle and Hum

Black Rain

Add to that I got these for a tad over $7 a piece:

Training Day
The Fugitive
The Last Samurai
Phantom Of The Opera
Road Warrior
Lethal Weapon

With the HDTVs coming down and the hi-def players hitting bottom (I've seen HD-DVD players for $100), the consumer wins big time.

That's 22 free movies (300 counted twice) and 8 more heavily discounted.


Had there been no war none of this would be.