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    i downloaded this movie off bittorrent and the file format is .bin and .cue.....there are 4 files ....2 each....

    need help on how to play these files

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    You have to burn 'm first.

    In Nero:

    File - Burn Image- Then select the cue. file.

    If the cue file refers to the place where your bin. is you can burn the cd.

    Good luck!!


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    will do...will try

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    umm ...burning it in nero ....
    not workin.....
    clicked on burn disk image or saved project
    selected the cue file ...n then therz an error mssg sayin cannot open the bin file ..and another one sayin an error occured while loading the cue sheet file

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    if you dont want to burn them then you can open them from your hardrive

    download ISO buster and then drag the .bin file onto ISO buster and extract the MPEG file(s) and leave it a couple of mins then you will have the MPEG files to watch straight from your computer, no burning needed

    Get ISO Buster HERE

    fuck Derby County

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    sounded good.
    did wht u sed paul...but on extraction of the mpegav therz an error in every sector, is the file corrupt or am i messing up sumwhr ?

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    jeez I hate bin files I don't know why torrent use them their a pain in the as you can't even preview it to see if the copy is crap you have to download the whole damm thing only to relise that its a crap copy

    In Nero did you go file> Burn Image > select the Cue and then burn??

    make sure their also both in the same directory

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    oh cool...
    played around with a bit and in the end worked out jus rite
    thnx a ton


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