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Thread: New To Manga,need Help

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    I dont know alot about nanga/anime,ive only seen a couple of movies,Princess mononoke and vampire hunter d.I have no clue what to watch next,theres LOADS of manga/anime on these forums but i dont know what they are about.Ppl post all these episodes but dont say what they are about.So could some nice fellow please reccommend a few movies/or series of manga that is worth downloading.It would be great if ppl also posted a small but informative brief description of what the manga is about to help ppl like me who dont have a clue

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    Thankyou in advance

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    there are threads here about anime recommendations. also head over to (the descriptions on the anime is taken from and in some cases (hentai) from

    just have a search on what ppl recommend here.

    There's so much anime to see and manga to read and so precious little time... I'll say tho, get Great Teacher Onizuka, it is simply hilarious.

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    Thanks m8,you are on my xmas list.

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    If you liked Vampire hunter D try Blood The Last vimpire. I really liked that one.

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    No self-respecting fanboy can go without seeing Akira, Ghost in a Shell, and Ninja Scroll. Then there's Wicked City, Spirited Away, and Fist of the North Star for the true die-hards. And if you want to see some good ol' fassioned "demon tentacle sex," check out "Urotsukidoji"-or in America, "Legend of the Overfiend." Hope that helps.

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    I saw Akira years ago and liked it,but i shall watch it again.I just watched ninja scroll and loved it.Blood was good to but a bit short and the ending was a bit crappy imo.Im d/loading wicked city now.Many thanx.

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    yep i have to say watch Ghost in the Shell (series and film) they are brilliant. Also Trigun and Great Teacher Onizuka. There was a "whats your favourite anime" thread a while back that would be worth checking if u need more stuff to download.

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    if you like action watch cowboy bebop, escaflowne, record of lodoss war... lots of action!

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    cant belive none of you have mentioned neon genesis evangelion yet, thats what got me started on anime about a year ago, i havnt seen much though.

    my personal favourites are

    Neon Genesis Evangelion
    Love Hina
    Ai Yori Aoshi

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