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Thread: hello ppl problem USENETSERVER

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    i have very weird problem.
    yesterday i registered and speed were awful 3kbps, some times it didnt even work.
    but during they day( europe) i get my max connection!!!
    and in the exact same time it drops to 3kbps?
    tried all ports all nntps and nothing.
    what can it be?

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    Check your ISP TOS. They are probably throttling usenet during peak hours. Check if your NSP offers SSL. I do not use SSL myself but it may get around a throttle.
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    Read this...
    Then find yourself a new Usenet provider. USN has problems and they just aren't fixing them.

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    no it was my isp problem as windy72 said, just SSL it and its fine.
    can u recomand me a good newsreader that supports ssl and its free?

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    i recommend you alt.binz 0.25.0 free release

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    thank you!


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