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    So I am trying to movie the mpg4 1080p movie i just converted via ps3video9 with vista 32bit, I am trying to movie my 8gb flash and when it gets to a certain percent the operation shuts down and says windows file transfer cannot movie a file that big, keep in mind that it is only 4.8gbs..... any help would be appreciated posted it here, maybe has something to do with the pirated material i dled

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    try posting in the software section ... u may get your desired answer there.

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    All I can say is windows cannot transfer a file thats bigger than 4gb to a HD if it's FAT32.

    Make sure your Flashcard is formatted as NTFS and it should be able to be transferred no probs.

    I'm not that well up on flash cards ect... but thats how it works usually


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