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Thread: Christmass Free Leech!!!

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    As Christmas looms closer, so does the spirit of gift giving and receiving. Religious or not, many clubs, groups, and organization have their own way of having fun in celebrating this special holiday.

    As part of a common tradition, many private trackers have free leech event for spicing up their community with the holiday spirit for everybody to enjoy.

    It's been 1 year since the last event, so lets all list all the ones that were commonly known to offer free leeches, so we can prepare by knowing when to get bigger harddrives ahead of time!!!

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    SCT usually does freeleech and 2x-3x upload right?

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    There is a dedicated thread for free leech announcements for more info look at the link below.

    Hope this helps you and maybe you should add it to your favorites so you can check it regularly to see when sites begin there gift giving.

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    thanx 4 the update...

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    Yeah, lots of sites give free leech for like a month or so, for the xmas holadays.


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