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    Hey guys, I am new here. Just came across the forum. Looks like a good place! I have been a NB user for a while and am now a power user. My friend would like to join. I am having a hard time translating the NB site. Do any NB members know how I can go about getting an invite to give her? I dream of joining ScT someday but until then I can at least be a good girl and get her in NB with me. Thanks! Sheri

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    Just invite her. Have her PM the questions to some norwegian users here at FST

    Should be easy as there are quite a few. Myself included.
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    Be very good, use an online translation tool and try PMing the staff in both languages, it shows you put some effort into your request, and your wish (and hers) might be granted.

    Do not be disappointed if the staff refuse your request, not every request is granted, it depends on your level of participation at the site.
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    Ditto what Sgt said. I enjoy my NB acct, and have always used a translator tool and loads of patience to figure out answers to my questions. Shortcutting is easy, but taking the effort to speak to staff in their own language, by being as creative as you can, at least shows effort and respect. A very good beginning to a good reputation; and that sure isn't a bad thing to have!!

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    Thanks for the help and advice everyone. I will get to work with a translator and hopefully I will be able to get her one. If I ever get any others I will give them away here at FST if there is anyone who needs one.

    Just thought i would update you and tell you how things went. The admin was very nice, but told me I could not get an invite for her because English speaking people are not their primary target. Do you know if this has always been the case? I don't know how to get her one now since I don't know any people in Scandinavia! Thanks everyone for their help so far. Sheri
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