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Thread: .img File

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    i recently downloaded a game through bit torrent and got a .img file inside a zipped .rar file, with no cue file in sight, is there a way to burn this or how do i play this game. thanx in advance for any help

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    u dont really need a cue file unless the image needs to be burn in a special way. and also are u sure that the image u got from bt is a .bin cause i thought that they wouldnt include the cue. not that u need it

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    You need CloneCD.

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    open nero/ECDC and cancel the wizard got to file burn image and slect the .img file then just click on burn

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    ok seriously, how do I use this .img file to play this game, i have clonecd and it doesn't recognize the format, nor does nero or ez cd creator, would daemon tools help and if so how? or how do i get this file into a format that any of my burners will recognize

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    also is there some way to make a .cue file for this .img file. thanx for all the help so far and for any help to come

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    finally i figured it out, if i right-click on the virtual drive that clonecd created i can select mount and then mount the .img file and everything becomes peachy


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