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Thread: Question from a newbie :cries:

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    Ok I have usenext and newzbin account

    I use orlydb to find releases but how come when they show up on orlydb I cannot find them on newzbin??

    Sorry if this has been asked before

    thanx for any help!

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    Could be a question of time maybe. You are using an indexing service and they are not updated "in real time" for the most part, so what you see on Orlydb may not come to the index for awhile. Also a lot of times the releases will not be indexed by the name but by file name, for example, lets say you want the release "Elizabeth.The.Golden.Age.R5.LINE.XViD-ESPiSE" it may be indexed on the usenet indexes as "espise-xvid-etga" instead and this is because some do not include the actual name of the release in the header, but most times the actual name can be had from the NFO file. Also do realize that everything you see on Orlydb will not be uploaded to usenet most likely the more popular stuff will be first in line.

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    Absolutely no need to use newzbin. It relies on people submitting the .nzbs. indexes everything. No need for people to submit .nzbs.

    Bear in mind not every release is posted to USENET.


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