I loaded a game with my xbox 360 and the box said I needed to go online in order to play this game(avatar burning Earth). I"m thinking some sort of update? When I opened the image with Mulleter I noticed that "all" the regions were selected including region free.

With some other games that the "USA" region "is only" selected this has not happened. Any one else experienced this?
I have another game from them that I already backed up. As soon as I have a chance will load it and see if I can confirm that it is only happening with their images - at least with my box. I've also been told that all games come with the necessary updates installed in order to play them. So why is it doing this? Just asking if anyone has come across this. I'm not complaining about the work this group does. Just wanna know if I should keep trying to DL specific group games. That is 7 gigs that takes a while to come down.