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Thread: Overclocking / Bios Settings - Help...

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    I have a Celeron 2.2g CPU,512Mb DDR333 ,Asus P4PE,128Mb Ti4600 Graphics and a Soundblaster Audigy Platinum Soundcard.
    My PC seems to be running slower than it should.According to SiSoft Sandra I have DDR266 when i know its 333.I have been into the bios and 333 is not available as an option just 200 or 233,i dont understand the multipliers etc but have notice if a change the frequency then 333 does become available>How does it work.Im sure its set up wrong.I'm sure i can get more out of this PC.Any advice much appreciated.Or any links on the subject.I've heard that the motherboard and celeron are good for overclocking.Thanks

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    That motherboard only supports DDR333 when FSB is set to 2x266 (533MHz). Link
    However, the celeron processor only supports 2x200 (400MHz). Link
    So it would appear that the two are not going to work together in the manner you had hoped.

    The motherboard is certainly very good for overclocking, however, I would have thought that for overclocking processors one would start with the P4 or Athlon range. It seems a little strange to start with what is effectively a disabled processor (often because parts of the chip have failed at high freqs) and try to overclock it.
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    I bought the motherboard with an upgrade to a p4 in mind as when i replace my cpu i dont want to fit another motherboard.anything i can do to speed it up?

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    The first problem is the Celeron! It has a crippled L2cache.
    It appears that the motherboard is not supportave of the CPU settings that you anticipated.


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