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    I'm having a problem and i was hoping someone knows what i'm doing wrong. What i'm trying to do is build up my ratio on a certain tracker. first I'm downloading the file from tracker A. and then after i reach the proper ratio i stop it and download the .torrent from tracker B. everything looks the same but it won't seem to start seeding. it stops at 99.8 and try's to connect to peers but hangs. I thought i've read something about the .nfo causing this issue but i'm not sure. I'm using torrentflux if this is of concern. thanks in advance

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    The .nfos or .sfvs might be different, as you said. Tried downloading the .nfo from tracker B and stick it with the files from tracker A and seed?

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    Usually the rar packs is just the same, but the .nfo and the .sfv files are different one from the others, if you're using Azureus, try force check without .nfo & .sfv files in the folder


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