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Thread: Aww wth, it's Xmas! 5 free NB invites <3

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    Vidde's Avatar Wubalicious <3 BT Rep: +45BT Rep +45BT Rep +45BT Rep +45BT Rep +45BT Rep +45BT Rep +45BT Rep +45BT Rep +45
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    Hey FST Will hand out 5 lovely invites, for your eyes and greedy hands only.. j/k <3

    Anyway, my last giveaway was such a success with no cheaters or lamers invited, congrats! <3 Last time I didn't really feel like giving away invites, cause of the time before that, invited 10 ppl, 5 of'em cheated or hacked acc. :p

    But hey! I'm not judging FST itself, because of some lamers, there are so many good ppl in here anyway, so why jugde so many for so few
    Arg, here I go rambling on again.. Time for the boring part, quoted from my last giveaway:

    I will ask the winners of the 5 invites to give me ratio proofs in PM without the censoring, and I do mean all the black stripes etc have to be gone, poof, not there. I want to see your nicks on the other trackers (Of course you can remove your IP address and e-mail if you want to do that, but I wanna see your nick and full ratio).

    Why, you might ask? Simple; As a community rep, I'm somewhat close to other community reps, and the staffers of this site. If I invite anyone cheating and/or trading the account, I can send others the message, and you'll find yourself with banned accounts on other sites as well.

    It might sound strict, but think about it; If you don't cheat, and don't trade the account, you have nothing to worry about, doesn't that sound fair, after all?

    Now the actual rules on obtaining them;

    * NO PM - The person PM'ing me about this thread, will be ignored and discqualified

    * You'll have to do a norwegian NB test before you're able to DL torrents (applies to every memeber - you're not exceptions) Online translation tool can be found here
    And ppl, please accept this, I do not want xx PM's asking about the test because you can't figure it out yourselves. Do it without asking, or do not ask for an account, it's that simple

    * Do not give out your e-mails here, I will PM you if you won about that ^^

    * I don't like this rule, but please, if you've been a member here for like 31 days with 1 post, I wouldn't really bother to post..

    * Why would you like to join? Don't lie to yourself and say it's the community, when you don't know a word norwegian, I know I wouldn't join a hungarian site cause of the community :p

    I want:

    * Ratioproofs
    - At least 2 (serious trackers)

    * Speedtest from

    * Please, think about your posts before you click the "reply"-button. Why would I even think about a "plz pick me!!!" post? Serious ppl with serious answers EQUALS higher priority

    I will close the thread and pick the winners tonight 24:00 or 00:00, GTM time. (This will be the hardest bit, there are so many friendly ppl) - Maybe some of you will help me picking out? Just post in the thread with suggestions of good ppl, that would help me a lot <3

    Anyway.. Good luck, and god speed, may the best man with the largest e-penis win!

    -Vidde <3
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    fulu's Avatar Capo Dei Capi BT Rep: +50BT Rep +50BT Rep +50BT Rep +50BT Rep +50BT Rep +50BT Rep +50BT Rep +50BT Rep +50BT Rep +50
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    that's what i call one hell of an incredible giveaway good luck for the winners

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    psysex's Avatar Poster BT Rep: +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100
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    nice giveaway...
    good luck

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    this is one insane giveaway good luck!

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    You are very generous Vidde as all the NB staff , i love that!

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    durex's Avatar PEACE AND LOVE BT Rep: +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100BT Rep +100
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    Planet Earth
    And once again Vidde !!

    Btw Merry Christmas my friend.

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    reloco10's Avatar Old Member BT Rep: +21BT Rep +21BT Rep +21BT Rep +21BT Rep +21
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    if possible send me one invitation

    Join Date: Dec 2005
    Posts: 34
    BT Rep: +5

    thanks and merry Christmas....
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    elboymaster's Avatar Poster BT Rep: +10BT Rep +10
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    Could i have one i will provide my proof via pm,thanks

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    AuReDo's Avatar FST Member BT Rep: +30BT Rep +30BT Rep +30BT Rep +30BT Rep +30BT Rep +30
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    Oct 2007
    can i please have a nb invite?
    Here are the ratio proofs

    and the speedtest

    hope i'll be one of the lucky winners
    thanks.....and Merry Christmas
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