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Thread: New (to Me) File Extensions

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    I’ve just finished downloading the “Longman Interactive English Dictionary”. Its in 3 files, all called IMAGE, with file extensions .CCD, .img & .sub.

    Can anyone please tell me how to use them! Failing that, does anyone have a hash for another dictionary – English not American please, I mean no offence but we do not write the same language!

    I’ve tried sending messages to the people (all 4 of them) who I downloaded it from but none of the messages will go.

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    u need to burn them into a cd or use a virtual drive

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    Open Clonecd ,choose "write to CD" and then choose the .ccd file from the directory where you have these stored and burn away.Simple as that.
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    Thanks, I'm doing a search for Clonecd now.


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