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Thread: Trancetraffic Invites Giveaway

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    OK, im down to my last few invites.

    I am prepared to give these remaining few away , please tell me why you want a invite and promise you will actually use the account for your own use.

    Please dont pm me! I will pm those that i feel have replied with the best reason to be offered the invite.

    Be prepared to show ratio screens.

    Seriously, Please dont pm me, i wont hand out any invites to users that pm me. Im looking for the users that really want these last invites. Im looking for the best posts explaining/elaborating why you want the invite.

    These members i have picked out for an invites.

    Their posts explaining why hooked me. If i didnt pick you sorry.







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    Hi! Could you give me invite, please? I'm a DJ. I play techno, electro, trance. I really need this site. I will use this site, because i want to be up to date with newest tracks. I never had an account on TT, but i think that i can find the stuff that could be usefull for me. I will be very gratefull if you give me invite.
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    Could i have your invite bro ,Thanks

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    OMG...this is happening...trancetraffic giveaway...awesome.
    M8 you must be something special...a real geneourus person.
    I love music very much, especcially electromusic...
    I would love one invite, i would be a dedicated member, and take care of the account nice.
    Please consider me as a truetranceelover
    Thanx again

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    can i have it ? i am trance music fan and would realy join the best trance tracker, i can give you proofs thats i keep allways good ratio (from high trackers)
    btw good giveaway and thx

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    can i have one plz?

    u dont know how i love the trance music
    and i think this tracker is the best in that kind of music
    so i wanna that tracker to feed my only hoppy the music
    and i promise u to use the account for my own use
    thanks a lot.

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