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Thread: Can Riaa See In On Latest Kazaalite?

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    With all this talk about he RIAA prosecuting, can they see your files and activity with the latest Kazaalite?

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    If they wanted to really work overtime on making a good Kazaa network scanner, they could probably even detect what you're searching for/making download requests of -- although once the download starts they may have no way of knowing if it completes or not.

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    If I was the RIAA I would be smart and trick people and make my own P2P program get everyone to ue it get their IPs and gone.

    But RIAA are too dumbass to think of it

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    dont give them ideas.

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    I was reading in a newsgroup and theres rumors of earthstation 5 being the product of th riaa,

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    I think it is too, I dled it and it told me to disable all my firewall settings then connect to their site for further information. It sounded really suspicious so I didnt do it.

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    hey Hogster, they already DID's called KMD (Kazaa Media Desktop).....

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    Actually I fell onto a site that had all the makings of being an AA site, forget who it was, no program needed, you searched bands right there. Though when my fw went nuts I closed my browser.

    As for ES5, I doubt it. Never asked me to do anything of the sort. Also I have had a couple of contacts with the mods who are streaming movies and porn and what not. Though I admit it is a weird program with a tweaky GUI. Seems they generate alot of suspicion however. Truth is I don't use it much these days since it is slow on growth and sources, but it has lots of potential it seems.

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    Originally posted by Burnman@24 July 2003 - 20:46
    With all this talk about he RIAA prosecuting, can they see your files and activity with the latest Kazaalite?
    they can ONLY see the files they download from you, or you from them

    (if the privacy options are turned on of course)

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    But my question would be as such...

    www.k_lite.tk_Kazaa_Lite@Kazaa is on the hitlist. Since so many people just leave the default user on Klite, how in God's holy name could they actually prove that any one person is actually this person. It's got to be 50K people with this name.

    >>> Runs to check his user name real quick.......

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