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Thread: American Wedding

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    how do i get this movie to play ,i have downloaded loads of versions and none of them will play ....does anyone know the correct codec or even what type of file this movie is

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    This film isnt out yet it may be you have a fake

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    you could be right there but there were lots of them do a search and see for yourself

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    There always is unfortunately Best thing is vcdquality If its on here its up for download

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    Listein 2 what mutterings is saying...

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    lol thanx metro nice to know someone thinks i know what i am talking about but thewelsh is newbie so he needs guidance.
    @thewelsh vcd quality is a superb place for reference i always check there first...i just did a search on matrix 3 and got loads of hits and that definately isnt out months yet.

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    thanks you guys
    i am a newbie to the forum but have been downloading movies for a long time but this is the first ive come across that i cant get to work at all

    i will add your link to my favorites forthwith


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    you have missed a letter in yoiu hyperlink mate it comes up as vdquality

    maybe you want to edit or just leave it im just thinking of anyone who is interested B)

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    i hope this movie is as funny as the other 2. i need a good laff


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