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Thread: Anime Episode Sharing

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    I was curious. I share a lot of anime episodes for people to get, mostly ones that aren't available to buy in the states, like fansubs pretty much. Anyways, can an organization like the RIAA get me for sharing these episodes? Or can they not do anything about it due to it being foreign? Please give feedback, thanks.

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    hey fellow anime sharer

    no u wont coz i have a lot of anime movies like i have every single dbz movie and gundam wing movie. i havent bin caught yet.and i dont hide my files but i do share them all.

    although u should get a firewall i prefer zone alarm it can be found at kazaa if u use it.

    and an isp that isnt co-operated with the riaa if it does dont mention them about kazaa when speaking to them.they can also monitor u with ur e-mail address stealthy

    by the way seeing az u and me r anime guys do u have msn if u do register in the forum then pm me ur msn address

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    Zone Alarm is free. Don't download it from kazaa.

    Download it from

    Why take a risk? Most softwares on kazaa are viruses.

    Unless you mean Zone Alarm pro. But i don't know why you would want that.

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    The RIAA *COULD* get you for sharing Anime Music Videos if the songs used were something their member corporations have liscences to.

    Otherwise, no...

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    I know the RIAA is for music, BSA is for software, and MPAA is for movies, but I honestly have no idea what group is after the sharing of TV shows. Probably the individual producers if anyone.


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