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Thread: Should We Be Scared?

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    Is it just talk?

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    obviously not moseph.......

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    dont worry.

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    There are ~3,690,000 users currently conencted. Even if that's all the people who ever use Kazaa, that's a 0.00025% chance of being caught. Figure prolly more like 20 mil use it on and off, and you've got a better chance of winning the lottery.

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    basicsally ur ***ked if ur in the u.s, washington n east coast are the hot spots at the mo!

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    basicsally ur ***ked if ur in the u.s, washington n east coast are the hot spots at the mo!
    This is wot i hate, people syaing your fucked if u live in a certain place, no wonder people r so Paranoid....

    Should u b scared --- simple answer , NO..

    Basics u should have more sense typing things like that, your bound 2 scare people...

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    These calculations of how likely you are to get caught are just silly.

    That supposes that everyone uses the same program and takes the same precautions.

    If you switch of "see files from user", use a proxy and if you want an IP blocker nothing will happen to you.

    They will go for the people who do not do these things. They are so much easier to get than you.

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    Of course, if you really are anxious to be caught, I'd recommend downloading about 25 gigabytes of modern rock, pop, rap, and other assorted pieces of digital entertainment, in both audio and audio-visual form. Then turn off any firewalls, enable your computer to act as the DMZ zone (if you use a router) and make sure to turn off your proxy if you have one. Then go through all your files and make sure to label them with your IP address.
    That my friend, is truly the only sure way they'll catch you. If you don't do at least two of those things, your fine.


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