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    I was wondering if anyone would be able to give me a "The Dvd Club" invite. I'm only asking because the video store thats I (used to) rent movies from closed and now I'm left with an hour drive or no movies. I love movies and am looking for a site with full (dual layer) movie rips because quality is a big deal for me and I heard "TheDvdClub" is great for that. I don't have anything to trade right now because I had oink and as you know it closed, and I have blackcats but they closed there invites. So if anyone one would be able help me out that would be great.

    from one movie lover to the next thanks

    p.s if blackcats ever gets invites back you will be the first to get one

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    PM me your email...

    And be sure to read the rules carefully before downloading. They stick to them and if you mess up, you'll mess me up.

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    Yes, read the rules carefully and you will see trading of or for TDC invites is not allowed.

    arkiebrian, hehe just keep an eye on him. If he messes up report him and it won't be on you ;-)



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