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    I was wondering if anyone would be able to give me a "BitHQ" invite. I'm only asking because the video store thats I (used to) rent movies from closed and now I'm left with an hour drive or no movies. I love movies and am looking for a site with full (dual layer) movie rips because quality is a big deal for me and I heard "BitHQ" is great for that. I don't have anything to trade right now because I had oink and as you know it closed, and I have blackcats but they closed there invites. So if anyone one would be able help me out that would be great.

    from one movie lover to the next thanks

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    good luck

    can help me man

    i need seed box axx and give u revtt + tti

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    sorry I don't have a seed box

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    They're currently open for sign ups.

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    thanks for letting me know Ive checked a few time today and its been closed so thanks

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    sweet, thank god i entered this topic...really wanted bitHQ

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    thx for this man


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