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Thread: More Xbox Live ban waves this weekend

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    More Xbox Live ban waves this weekend
    >> From users on the forums, and other networking sites...

    It appears that MS has started banning people over the past week (happy holidays xbox360 users!).

    As always, we would like to gather data and input from the community as to what may be causing these bans. It appears to effect the new ixtreme 1.4 aswell as the older ixtreme and non ixtreme versions, and all of the drives have been effected. We even have a few reports of a few trusted people in the community who were banned and had not played anything but a retail copy. As of this moment we do not know if a new security was implemented, or if they are further scrutinizing the already given criteria (SS, DMI, PFI alterations, timings, etc).

    So if you have gotten banned over the past week, we would ask you to share the following with us in the forum thread below, otherwise, please do not post in the thread! Bans only!

    A) Firmware Version, drive type (hitachi, samsung, benq) and when you upgraded/installed that version. Also include if you spoofed the version.
    B) Previous firmware version's, or if the console is freshly modded or refurbished (please include manufactor date)
    C) Backups played over the past month(and whether they were checked with kreon checker, if not, please check the SS and report the results)
    D) Originals played over the past month
    E) Method of backing up games (as always, piracy is not tolerable on xbox-scene, so if you have downloaded these games, please do not bother posting.

    Thanks to all who have contributed in the past, and those for the future
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    this is why I'm waiting for an actual chip... but even if one never comes, I wouldn't mind. I have definitely spent more money on gaming this generation than any other, and to me, it's been worth every penny. Overall the 360 has been a great experience

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    The Banhammer hit me over the weekend, and I guess I'll have to pick up and XBL console soon with my Christmas money. It took M$ quite a while to catch up to me though, so in my opinion it was worth it.
    Needlers ROK!

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    Microsoft Unbanning Wrongfully Banned 360s?

    The other day I reported that I was getting emails in from disgruntled Xbox Live users who had been banned by Microsoft for allegedly connecting to the online service using modded consoles even though the consoles were totally unmodified. Today I'm hearing that some of those affected are finally getting somewhere with tech support.

    Initially, Microsoft's response had been that the process used to identify modded consoles (a process that would allow the console to play backed up game) was 100% accurate and that there was nothing that Microsoft or users could do other than buy a new console. At the time Microsoft wouldn't even take the consoles in to be checked or repair. Now is seems that things have changed. I'm still waiting for official word from Microsoft but according to several affected gamers that I have spoken to, Microsoft is now backing down from the initial stance and some consoles are being unbanned and others taken in for repair.

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    I dont see why they ban consoles for being modded like that... yet leave all the cheaters/modders on xbox live to play fine and dandy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShiiStainz View Post
    I dont see why they ban consoles for being modded like that... yet leave all the cheaters/modders on xbox live to play fine and dandy.
    They're banning because we broke the terms of agreement.

    To all that have been banned you have my sympathy only if your 360 images were SplitVideo, Stealth Patched and had a good security sector.

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    Looks like microsoft can officially *unban* a console!

    The thread above is about a upset consumer who claims he had a unmodified system and got a ban. After some upsetting calls to MS, and several supervisors, he got his case escalated. Apparently after a few days, he was able to sign on live again! Strike one for MS, looks like their super robot 100% fullproof ban hammer is a flimsy inaccurate banana.

    I urge all users whom were banned to call and throw a fit, get your case escalated and see what they will do! The proof is in the pudding, and you can eat it too!


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