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Thread: Dvd Format Conversion

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    Hello ppl,

    I need to convert a DVD that is in NTSC format to PAL format. I don't want to encode the DVD or anything ( generate a avi or mpg file) all I need to do is "transform" the NTSC DVD to a PAL DVD. Naturally, I will need to re-encode the DVD, but I can't find a program that will "output" a DVD file (ya know, the vob's and stuff).

    Thanks for any help B)

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    they are quite different so if you wanna make it you will probably have to re encode it.

    ntsc has 30 frames a second and pal only has 24.

    why not just hack your dvd player generally most can be done with a few remote control buttons.

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    Yeah, I think I'll do that...specially after going through this thread about it at the forums

    Its a very complx process (lower framerate to 23fps, then speed up to audio and "strech"it......) So I'll just look into making the DVD player convert the NTSC signal (50 Hz) the the PAL frequency (60 Hz) B)


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